General admission requirements for the MSc and PhD programmes of the Centre are in line with the guidelines into the Ahmadu Bello University, School of Postgraduate Studies which are:

  1. Master Degree Programmes
  • Possession of first degree of Ahmadu Bello University or any other recognized University in the relevant field. A professional qualification from a recognized institution may be considered for admission to the professional master’s degree.
  • Possession of a minimum of a 2.4 Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) (on the 5.0 scale) for non- classified degrees or a minimum of Second Class Lower for those not on the Course Credit system. iii. A candidate with a third class degree in an area other than the subject area applied for, but who has passed the Ahmadu Bello University Postgraduate Diploma in the subject area at credit level or better, maybe considered for Master’s degree admission in that programme.
  1. Doctorate Degree Programmes
  • Possession of a minimum of a 3.0 Cumulative Grade-Point Average (on the 5.0 scale) or average letter grade B at the Masters level.
  • Possession of a Master’s research thesis (not project).
  • Possession of an M. Phil in addition to a professional master’s degree or equivalent.


General Graduation Requirements Duration of Study

  1. Master Degree Programme a) Full-time: A Minimum of three (3) semesters and a maximum of six (6) semesters
  2. Doctorate Programme:
  • Full-time PhD: Minimum of four (4) semesters and maximum of six (6) semesters.
  • Part-time PhD: Minimum of six (6) semesters and maximum of ten (10) semesters.


Master: Master degree shall carry a minimum workload of 30 credit units

Doctorate: PhD – A minimum workload of 40 credit units (advanced research methodology and computer/statistical studies only).

Master: A Master thesis carries 6- 12 credit units.

Doctorate: A PhD dissertation carries of 12- 18 credit units.

Masters; A minimum of 1 seminar per semester (a proposal, progress reports and post data) required. These should be at the Faculty or departmental level

Doctorate; As for Masters programme.

Master: Thesis defence external with 1 external and 2 internal examiners. Doctorate: Dissertation defended externally with 1 external and 3 internal examiners.


  1. Master Degree Programmes: All Master degree programmes have coursework with written examinations.  These programmes are full-time and involve a research thesis and an oral defence of such research work.


  1. Doctor of Philosophy Degree (PhD) programmes: All PhD Degree programmes have coursework with written examinations, a dissertation that involves oral defence and requires the participation of an external examiner. Credit units earned on coursework during a master degree are usually credited towards the PhD degree.


Teaching and Supervising Staff of postgraduate courses are normally holders of a PhD with at least one-year post-doctoral experience.  In special circumstances, other categories of teachers may be approved by the Board of the School of Postgraduate Studies on the recommendations of the Faculty Postgraduate Studies Board. All such lecturers should not be registered, postgraduate students.